What Makes a Game Addicting?

What makes a game addicting? Well there are obviously certain areas for which every game can be addicting, whether it be storyline, game play, or just that desire to beat the game. When I get addicted to a game it typically is either the storyline or game play that gets me addicted, so let’s look at those.


When I play a game for storyline I always look at the Final Fantasy series. The Final Fantasy Series have always had detailed storylines that draw the player in, even from the first game. Final Fantasy VII is the best example of this type of story, when playing through the game the player is trying to figure out what is going on. The player wants to know why Cloud is so crazy, what Sephiroth is going to do in the end, what that bit of the flower girl dying will do to the player’s emotions. It is a great game that makes the player want to figure out how the story will unfold.


Game Play is where people generally get caught and it’s usually simple games. Bejeweled is a great example of this. I know several gamers who have went and spent hours playing this game just because of how addicting the simple game play is. I know for me the simple game play of The Binding of Issac has drawn me in and made it so I couldn’t stop playing for hours.