The Binding of Issac Review

The Binding of Issac is a story from the Bible that has Abraham going and listening to God and is willing to kill his own son in order to prove to God that he is a willing servant. In the story God stops Abraham from killing his son thus sparing Issac’s life. The Binding of Issac video game is very loosely based on this concept. In the game your mother is an insane Christian who belives that the voices in her head are from God and not just a part of her insanity. Issac then tries to run away from his mother by going into the basement of their house, finding creatures that must be killed in order to progress deeper and eventually meeting up with the final boss, your mother.

The Binding of Issac is a very simple game, basically a top down dungeon crawler with the Zelda perspective with slight puzzle elements, but mainly just run and gun shooting in order to take care of the enemies. The controls for the game use WASD to run around and the arrow keys in order to shoot your ammo, which are tears. You can find temporary items in the game which can be used by the Q button and some of them are pills that can upgrade certain features for Issac, or even decrease them. Another Temporary item are the cards which as well do other things, but basically are just random uses, not for stat building. The Space bar is used for items that are used like temporary items, but charge up so that they can be used multiple times. The main problem I have with the controls is that there is no real option to use a gamepad for it, it just says “Use Joy2Key” and that is a disappointment because Joy2Key does not work on my computer. For these type of games I definitely prefer to use a gamepad so I opted to check out Xpadder which works wonderfully.

As I said, the game play is very simple in The Binding of Issac, but that does not mean it wouldn’t provide a challenge, the enemies are pretty ruthless and their firing patterns are annoying. Figuring out how to take out some of the bosses is rather simple though, such as “shoot this one more” or “use bombs on this one” and that is kind of a shame. In fact, some of the regular monsters provided more of a challenge than a lot of the bosses in the game. As you travel down the basement the monsters and bosses get harder, but if the player is diligent and lucky he/she could get a power up for every level they have completed, sometimes more than one upgrade per level.

The Binding of Issac is a great purchase on Steam for only 5 dollars, even if you don’t have Xpadder and want to play with the keyboard the controls are pretty easy to get used to. I would strongly recommend this game to anyone who has a few dollars and wants to waste hours of time. If you are reading this, go buy this game now.